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Mr Monkland is an Enviroshield licensee. Enviroshield is one of an environmentally friendly range of stain protectors from Chemspec Europe


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‘The dust mite inhibitor’

stain resistance – soil resistance – wear resistance

If you have already seen the benefits of stain protecting your carpet it is likely that you will immediately perceive that it is common sense to have your upholstery similarly treated.

If not, perhaps you might consider the fact that many upholstery fabrics stain easily and when stained often clean poorly.

It really is even more important to apply protector to upholstery than it is to carpet. One central reason is that upholstered fabrics tend to be very absorbent.

The advantage of fabric protectors is their ability to reduce the risk of permanent damage from spills and soiling. In practise liquids mostly bead up on the surface for easier removal and as an added benefit is that microscopic soil particles tend not cling as tenaciously to the fibres and vacuum and clean more effectively.

As there are so many variables to upholstery fabrics it is important to ensure that the correct stain treatment is selected and used. For example, synthetic fibres such as nylon, polyester, olefin and acrylic respond perfectly well to the application of a water-based fluorochemical treatment. On the other hand natural fibres and regenerated cellulose fibres (rayon and acetate) have a preference to solvent based products.

There are a number of different types of protection products, however, the use of a quality fluorochemical is the most universally recommended and utilised.

As effective as the products are, common sense must prevail. Remove the spillage as soon as it is noticed otherwise it will before too long penetrate the cloth. When cleaning up, you should not use harsh cleaning products which may remove the staining but at the same time might well strip-off the protector and damage to the fabric.

No matter what you might hear from product manufacturers or others, upholstery protectors do not last for ever. If you wait 2 or 3 years between each clean it is safer to have the items protected each time it is cleaned. Most importantly, do remember that protectors are designed to resist only normal household spillages. Don’t mess around with bleach or engine oil or paint! And no, they are not fire proof.

Advice is always provided to allow you to make an informed choice. If you have any family members who suffer from allergies good news is at hand. The Medical Entomology Centre team at Cambridge, headed by Dr John Maunder (one of, if not the world’s expert in the field of dust mite allergies) produced a product which you can choose to have applied. PROmiteTM is a proven anti dust mite product which under test achieved a 100% Mite inhibitor rate.