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All commerical and domestic carpet, floor, upholstery cleaning in Edinburgh and Scotland

Packing, Moving & Storage

Our trained crews will rapidly and
safely inventory, pack and transport
 damaged contents to our restoration centre.

The use of storage cubes at our
restoration facility combine, safety,
security, organisation and efficiency.

Items are inspected, inventoried,
restored and safely stored within the cubes.

Flood Master
Certified Restoration

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Do the right thing

Emergency Water-Damage Restoration

Quality Service – “Do the right thing”

Restoration First!
The primary objectives of restorative drying are to protect health, remove harmful substances, and to dry and restore materials to a pre-loss condition

Emergency Service
Minimise time out of action or disruption to occupants whether water damage primarily involves restorable items or structural property.

Reduces Health Risk
The utilisation of Fogging, Deodorisation and Antimicrobials may be necessary to ensure a safe environment.

The use of Science to do the work correctly
The Science of Psychrometry utilises the understanding and use of Humidity control, Evaporation, Vapour Pressure, Condensation, Temperature, Heat Transfer, Dew Point, Hygroscopic Materials and Air Saturation to allow for a balanced and safe drying regime to minimise Primary damage and prevent Secondary damage

Restoration First!
In short, whether simple or complex, whether dealing with special circumstances or catastrophic losses our promise is the same – Restoration First!