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All commerical and domestic carpet, floor, upholstery cleaning in Edinburgh and Scotland

Clients Include:

Police Forces & H M Prisons

Hospitals & Clinics

Local Authorities & Social Work Departments

Solicitors & Property Management Companies

Hotels & Guest Houses

Commercial Companies & Homeowners

Building Contractors & Insurance Companies

Crime Scene and Bio-hazardous Cleaning

Our professional, efficient, caring services include:

Body fluids clean-up - Blood, Urine, Vomit; Foul odour treatment - Body, Pet, Smoke, Sewage; Drug scene clear-ups - Sharps Removal; Situation one, two and three sewage treatment; Antimicrobial and EPA registered disinfectants application; Balanced drying systems.


Monkland Bio-Recovery Services : We Clean Up Where Others Wont

365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day we supply an emergency restoration support service throughout Central and Southern Scotland. Monkland Bio-Recovery Services, a division of Monkland Cleaning Services, an independent company with over a quarter of a century of experience, clears-up, cleans-up and disposes of bio-hazardous materials. Trained personnel with knowledge of dealing with bloodborne pathogens will clean, disinfect and deodorise, utilising the latest materials and equipment.

Crime Scene Cleaning, Cell Cleaning, Police or Prison vehicles, Accidents, Natural Death, and belatedly discovered deaths and suicides that may require the clear up of spillages of body fluids and human waste, are all in a days work. A full service is offered which may include not only on-site evaluation and documentation but where appropriate, written proposals and advice on insurance procedures. Along with decontamination, cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising we offer complete restoration, which might well include replacing carpets, floor coverings or even repainting. Cleaning of dwelling houses suffering from gross filth, faeces or animal or rodent contamination are carried out for local authorities, housing associations, social work departments and solicitors. A discreet service is provided sensitive to the needs of the public.

Decontamination Consultants and Contractors
  S.E.P.A. Registered Waste Carriers