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Rug Underlay

Should you require new underlay for your rugs we will be pleased to supply you with the appropriate type for your requirements.

We hold two products in stock and will cut to the exact size that is required. These will be brought to you when your cleaned rug is delivered and we will lay the underlay and rug for you.

Foxi Super Plus

The best 100% bonded polyester anti-slip/ anti-creep pad for all types and styles of oriental rugs. It is supplied cut to size to fit under your rugs whatever size they are.

With its dual layer making it suitable for use on both carpets and smooth floors, adding genuine rug pile protection and a touch of luxury. Foxi's design has been a winner for 20 years.


Stroppy is a product designed to work effectively on smooth flooring. It is manufactured using latex-coated polypropylene netting and has an open weave construction to allow the rug to breathe, therefore allowing any moisture to evaporate, and preventing mildew. The slim-line construction provides a non-slip base whilst reducing the possibility of pile crush.