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‘A Personal Touch’

Benefit 1: Discounted Curtain Cleaning
When we call to arrange your visits you will have the opportunity if you wish to have us clean any of your curtains either on site while are with you cleaning the carpets or else we will take the away for processing at our cleaning plant.

Benefit 2: Free Reminder Service
At Mr Monkland, we realise that you have a busy schedule and don't want to be concerned about when it's time to get your carpet cleaned. In an effort to make your life easier, we will telephone you when you're due for your regularly scheduled maintenance. We will use the opportunity to let you know if we are running a special promotion which we think you might be interested in.

Benefit 3: 10% Referral Rewards (20% in January & February)
Mr Monkland is the only company in the Edinburgh Area who offers this benefit to its clients. Because we do so little outside advertising, we rely on the referrals of our happy clients.
Each time you send us a referral, we give you a "Referral Certificate" good for 10% of the value of that job. If they have us provide £200.00 worth of cleaning services, which is our job average, we give you a certificate for £20.00. The great thing about these "Referral Certificates" is that they're good for any of our services! You can, if you wish, give them to a friend or family member as a gift. There's no limit to the amount of certificates you can earn. The more referrals you send us, the more cleaning credit we give you.

Benefit 4: Free Subscription To "The Healthy Home News"
If you've been one of our clients for a period of time, I trust that you've come to value the monthly newsletter. We've made a lot of changes to it recently in an effort to better serve our clients. Every edition of "The Healthy Home News" is filled with valuable information that you can use, coupon offers, contests, prize giveaways, and other special events we're sponsoring. This publication allows us to stay in touch with you and keep you apprised of information that is of importance to you.

The Full-Service Package
Perfect Care Programme
The Premimum Package

Our Packages

When we decided you might want us to offer a range of cleaning packages our initial reaction was to call them Gold, Silver and Bronze, however, after just a little thought we realised that was wrong because we realised you would expect nothing less than a Gold Service standard. Nevertheless we appreciated that there might be some who might want a full, deep cleaning service but might not want feel they need an ongoing care package perhaps because they are moving house and there might even be some who feel they do not need a anti-stain protector (Personally I think they should. If you have doubts do click on to the Carpet Protector page and read and judge for yourself). So we start with:

The Full-Service Package

The main benefits are that the Full-Service means treating the full carpet extent throughout the house (room). The hard-to-get-to areas under and behind furniture are cleaned with even heavy items (assuming they are safe to move) moved and then replaced on to foil protectors before we leave your home. We may charge more than other cleaners because we take longer to carry out such a thoroughly extensive clean, moving furniture back-and-forth and cleaning the entire carpet area. But it does ensure that you will benefit from a thoroughly cleaned home with not only clean carpets pollutant and allergen levels slashed. It really is a clean for health.

PLUS √ FREE MASTER STAIN REMOVER –our professional spotter (value £4.97+V.A.T.)
I will leave with you a free bottle of the #1 stain remover in my armoury – Master Stain Remover. This is very effective for removing stubborn stains from both carpets and upholstery.

The Premium Package

Each Premium Package incorporates everything from the Full-Service Package but also includes the application of a premium carpet protector. There is in fact a choice between two premium quality products, one of which includes an anti-allergy treatment.

PLUS √ FREE MASTER STAIN REMOVER –our professional spotter (value £4.97+V.A.T.)

I will leave with you a free bottle of the #1 stain remover in my armoury – Master Stain Remover. This is very effective for removing stubborn stains from both carpets and upholstery.

PLUS √ FREE SPOT CERTIFICATE- our written guarantee.

We will return free of charge anytime within 6 months should you have a spot which you are unable to remove.

Perfect Care Programme

So much more than a cleaning package the Perfect Care Programme is particularly designed to ensure you never have soiled carpets ever.

Now we are really talking! Not only is everything from The Premium Package incorporated in the Perfect Care Programme but there is much more.

This is for those who really want to look after their carpets, along with the security of knowing should an accident happen, help is just a phone call away.

This is what you get: An initial full cleaning with protection, this is discounted by 50%. We then set up a standing order for next years cleaning which allows you to pay monthly, making it easier to budget.

This is then followed by a FREE six monthly highlight clean. A highlight clean is for the walkways only, no furniture will be moved, but it will ensure the traffic lanes and walk across areas are clean and free of the damaging grit to allow the carpet to last longer. On the annual anniversary we return and do a full clean again with protector.

You can include the cleaning of your upholstered furniture or mattresses within your programme if you wish.

In addition to this we will give you our specialist spot remover just so you can take care of the small spots yourself. This comes with free lifelong top ups. You also get unlimited personal spot and stain removal visits which could normally cost you £60-£75 per visit should you need the help of one of our technicians.

You will also get free subscription to our monthly newsletter which is full of fun and helpful tips. PLUS, you’ll have automatic entry into ‘A Personal Touch’
Mr Monkland’s private clients club and all receive TWO free gifts:
√ 3 FREE EMERGENCY SPOT AND STAIN TOUCH-UP Visits per year – (value £176.25)