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Mattress Cleaning

Oh the joy of a comfortable bed! What a pleasure it is to slip between the sheets at night and to wake refreshed in the morning. But before we become too ecstatic, have you thought just for a moment about whether your mattress is as clean as it is relaxing?

There are two reasons we might consider mattress cleaning. The first is a straight forward matter of hygiene. Mattresses get soiled. Whether through an accident, illness or just general use you should seriously consider regularly having your mattresses cleaned.

It is often said that after removing bacteria, spores and dust mites you will sleep better and breathe easier. I don’t know how true that statement is but certainly you will sleep better and breathe easier just knowing that the mattress you sleep on has been cleaned.

If you consider it for a moment, it does seem strange that we will regularly change our sheets and pillowslips, wash our duvets once or twice a year but never give any thought to the mattress.

In more and more families at least one person suffers from asthma or allergies. I understand that 85% of asthma sufferers are allergic to dust mites.

So what about Dust Mites?

Apparently the mites just love our mattresses as it provides a cozy, warm environment with a readily available food source – our dead skin. Probably that wouldn’t matter too much if it wasn’t for the fact that we breathe in their poo and for many that causes problems. Asthmatic and allergy problems are constantly on the increase and breathing in dust mites deposits is one problem source.

Our mattress cleaning service can include the testing to see the extent of the problem and provide the remedial action to help to reduce the problem. Our cleaning methods are thorough and have been well tested using approved products.

As an encouragement if you want us to clean your mattresses when we visit to clean your carpets or upholstery we will give you a discounted price. It’s up to you - but can you really afford to neglect them? Call today - 0800 695 2901.