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Cleaning the Nations Carpets and Upholstery

Natural Markings

It is important to appreciate
that there are a number of
natural markings on the hides
used for upholstered furniture.
These can include many things
from insect bites or healed scars
to wrinkles and scratches.

A skilled upholsterer will have
placed these carefully either in a
position to make the most of the
unusual nature of the mark or else
site it where it is less visible if an
unattractive mark.

These should be viewed as a
hallmark as there will little that can
be done to change their appearance

There are a number of faux suede materials which will clean satisfactorily these include products such as Alcantara, Novasuede, Nubuck and Ultrasuede

Leather Cleaning

As you know, leather is a natural product grown on animals. Once removed, the hide goes through a number of processes before it is ready to be used as an upholstery product.

Leather has become a popular choice for domestic furniture and certainly if it is taken care of it can have a long life and provide comfort and enjoyment to the users. In fact, it is said that given the right care and attention it actually improves with age.

Upholstered leather comes in a great variety of qualities and finishes and a number of forms from Top Grain to Aniline to Suede. There are also a number of leather look alikes. Some vinyls are made to look like leather and in fact some manufacturers even mix the two on some pieces of upholstery. There are also a number of synthetic suede-like materials. In some cases they may wear even better than the real thing.

We do offer a complete leather cleaning service and leather care service. That means we can clean to maintain that like-new look or where necessary bring an old item back to life. We will advise you as to what can be done and how successful the results are likely to be. We will always test a small area to be absolutely sure that you will be happy with the results and that no unexpected fabric damage or colour loss will occur.

We will recommend the appropriate professional cleaning method for your upholstery. Most methods are completed by hand. This allows for your valuable soft furnishing to be restored to a as close-to-new condition as possible.

After cleaning, it is normal for a conditioner to be used to replenish the natural oils or a refinishing cream to build-up a protective coating. This not only enhances the look of the leather but also protects it from spills and further wear & tear. If leather is properly cleaned and cared for it is possible for you retain a high level of appearance throughout its life.

Leather Upholstery Repair

There are times when accidents occur and when they do you can call on our help. We will undertake the professional repair of all sorts of damage including scratches and scrapes, even those sustained by pets and cigarette burns. Die problems, scuff, abrasion and minor wear or cracking can all be repaired usually at your home or office with very little inconvenience.

Whatever your leather cleaning and care concern do give us a call and we will attend to your requirements.