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Dry Fusion Cleaning :

Monkland Cleaning Services is a Dry Fusion licensee.

Although categorised as an Absorbent Pad method of cleaning Dry Fusion set a standard that others have been trying to follow. Utilising a single disc rotary machine which has the added benefit of heating the drive plate and cleaning pad it is a pH neutral system that takes some of the best advantages of a correctly used hot water extraction system (heat and agitation) and combines this with the main features of absorbent pad (dry cleaning) which are low moisture and quick drying. There is no possibility of over wetting a carpet. One of my colleagues described how the method works, “By combining an exothermic chemical reaction with mechanical and heat induced capillary action, to draw dirt from the carpet fibres onto the pads.” - well explained.

The Australian makers completed the system by designing agents which not only clean thoroughly using Fluoro surfactants but also adds a Dupont based Fluorocarbon stain protector and blocking resin to keep them looking cleaner longer.

Where appropriate an alternative cleaning agent can be used which contains a safe antimicrobial which prevents the growths of moulds and fungi and bacteria such as E-Coli and Staph Aureus. This combines in one convenient process the deep cleaning along with sanitising and deodorising as well as the addition of a stain blocker.

The value of using this system in commercial applications was highlighted by the managing director of Dry Fusion UK who said,” One of the greatest advantages of using this system is that it will cause very little disruption to the client,” Shaun Bradbury also said. "Carpets will be dry within half an hour and can be walked on immediately, which is very important to commercial organisations whose carpets can now be cleaned during business hours