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Curtain Cleaning

Alternatively you may wish us collect the curtains, factory clean and return them directly to you or where appropriate, you can opt for the full turn-round service. This includes our taking the curtains down, removing them to our cleaning plant, either washing or dry cleaning dependant on the requirement and returning and re-hanging them.

Complicated settings of multiple curtains with swags and tails are photographed prior to removal to assist with the correct reinstallation.

As with all our services we are happy offer to advice on all aspects of care and maintenance and will explain which service is most appropriate for your needs.

There are two quite distinct services offered.

You can choose to have us clean your curtains without taking them down. They will be vacuumed, gently dry sponged and mist cleaned to remove accumulated built-up dust or even, if required, fully dry-cleaned in place. Stains can also be treated.

This sevice is beneficial if you want little or no disruption, no shrinkage and no loss of privacy. It is also of value where curtains are heavy and or of a great age as there will no damage to the materials or lining or where there may be concern as how they may drape if taken down and re-hung.

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