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Ruth Ellis

Ruth Travis holds a degree in textiles from the University of
Tennessee. She is president of the International Society of
Cleaning Technicians and currently serves as vice-chair of the Institute of Inspection,
Cleaning and Restoration Certification Organization and as chair of the IICRC
Marketing Committees. She also served on the IICRC S100 Carpet Cleaning, S300 Upholstery Cleaning
and the S520 Mould
Remediation Standard committees.

By Ruth Travis - Correspondent to the Housing Channel

"Select a Professional Carpet Cleaning Firm"

The first time you hire a professional carpet cleaner, you may wonder if you’ve chosen the right company for the job. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and associated industry affiliates offer the following tips to help identify reliable cleaning firms. Although these tips are not fail safe, firms that comply with these criteria usually provide a higher level of quality service:

1. Insurance, Licensing, Taxes — Firms should carry adequate business and liability insurance for consumer protection. They should comply with the licensing requirements of local, state, provincial and federal authorities. They should collect, report and pay appropriate licensing fees and taxes.

2. Ongoing Training — Cleaning firms should require management and employees to engage in formal ongoing training, providing them with the latest industry technologies and techniques.

3. Certified Technicians — Firms should have technicians on staff who are specifically trained in carpet cleaning. There are separate courses taught for residential and commercial carpet cleaning.

4. Experience — The years of experience a firm has, combined with formal training programs, may contribute significantly to the proficiency of its employees.

5. Knowledge — Professional firms use trained technicians who have the ability to answer basic questions regarding cleaning, maintenance, and spot removal procedures.

6. Inspections and Pricing — Firms should offer estimating, consulting and pre-cleaning inspections. After inspection, the customers should be provided with a firm, written cost for the cleaning services.

7. References — Firms should be willing, when requested, to provide customers with references.

8. Trade Associations — Quality-cleaning firms are members of international, national or regional trade associations, which encourage high ethical standards and promote continuing education.

9. Customer Courtesy — Firms should provide value-oriented service including, but not necessarily limited to: courteous personnel; quick and comprehensive complaint handling; appropriate recommendations for additional services, such as application of carpet protectors, carpet repair and deodorization.

10. Product Safety — Firms should use products and cleaning techniques in a safe manner. Products should be used and disposed of in accordance with applicable local, state, federal and provincial laws and regulations.